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Sep 18

Anonymous said: Okay so i'm 17 years old. I met a guy at my work who is 24. We clicked from the start, and I've never got along with someone so well! I had crazy feelings for him for 2 months, then he resigned work. We got eachothers numbers and decided to meet up to keep in contact and well we admitted our feelings to eachother and kissed/cuddled. I know it may seem bad because of the age gap... But he really does respect my age and I made the first move not him. The age of consent is 16 so is this bad??!!

You are almost an adult and as long as you believe he respects you then there is no reason why that age gap should hold you back. You can’t decide when your born so you shouldn’t let it rule your life! The only thing I would suggest is that your not sneaky about the relationship in regards to your parents. Be open with them about his age and where your going with him etc. otherwise you will give them more reason to worry than is necessary.

I hope this has helped and it all goes well 

KB xxx

Anonymous said: I had crazy feelings for this guy for about 2 months... I really really liked him and could never stop thinking about him and always dreamed of kissing him... Then he admits to me that he has feelings for me, so we meet up and we even kiss and cuddle but now my feelings for him have just gone ?! I'm not as crazy as I was about him.... I don't know if I like him in that way now.... Why have my feelings just gone like that ?

It seems to me that you may have imagined it so much and built it up to be so amazing that when it happened it didn’t live up to your expectations and hopes. You probably have also got it out of your system a bit by kissing, which is why your not thinking about him so much. Give it a go and meet up with him again, you never know it could just be crazy female hormones that are making you feel like this- I like to blame them for a lot of my weird feelings!

KB xxx

Sep 16

Anonymous said: Sometimes i go though bouts of depression, and right now is one of those times. It's been going on for a few months now and i'm tires of letting it take over me. How can i get my life back together? Where should i start?

Doctor’s are the experts so turn to them. Although you can read up about it online going to your GP will make sure that whatever you do is catered to your needs. You may not need medicine it might simply be advise, or the opportunity to get some counselling to help combat the reason for your depression. What is great is that you are positive about overcoming it and that you acknowledge what it is doing to you. I hope this has helped and best of luck

KB xxx

Sep 12

Anonymous said: I remember what most people forget , nd im goin to a different school , but i dont want my bestfriend to forget me, My junior year is goin to be torture without her, not goin to see her everyday, or hug her or see her smile , sure we still hang out outside of school , but school just wont be the same anymore. without her im just goin to see a bunch of idiots everyday

Your right school won’t be the same without her but it will just be different, and different isn’t always bad. Go in with an open mind, don’t presume everyone is going to be idiots because that won’t help you in any way at all. Try and make new friends and just keep in touch with your old friends also. I’m sure you will really enjoy your junior year even without her.

KB xxx

Aug 10

Anonymous said: How do you help someone you love see how great you see them, when you keep telling them that, everytime they tell you they think thier life is sh*t and they dont kno how to deal with it

It’s just a case of being persistent really. Everyone goes through times of feeling like their life is rubbish, just help them to have a good time where possible. They will get through it, it must be putting a lot of pressure on you though so make sure they don’t bring you down with them as well. 

KB xx

Aug 4

Anonymous said: I'm 17 years old, never been kissed, never been in a relationship and can't talk to boys without mumbling or getting nervous. I think it is because i grew up in a girl school so im more comfortable befriending girls. And in my group of friends i'm basically the virgin and inexperienced one, and to add to that i am the least attractive. Every time i hang out with them feels like a constant reminder of how ugly i am which basically knocks my down confidence even more. What should i do?

What your saying is oh so familiar to me and so many people who i know! It really doesn’t matter about what age you are or were when any of this stuff happened, what matters is that you are comfortable and not pressured or feeling upset. When you meet someone you really like, it will feel so natural and you will WANT to kiss him and be in a serious relationship, all those feelings of nervousness are a good thing, it shows your body is getting excited and thats good!! These things mean nothing, and im sure that you are NOT ugly, you just have a lot of self respect which maybe some of your ‘experienced’ friends don’t! These things do not matter and in the future you will look back and laugh, i promise :). just live your life and enjoy yourself! Lifes for livin and these things shouldn’t get you down they are just things to look forward to :D 

Hope this helps! 


Aug 3

Anonymous said: I'm going into 6th grade next year and I'm really scared! How do I make friends? (I'm coming out from homeschool so I won't have any friends from elementary.) Do you have any helpful advice for me? Thank you ♥

I’m sure in your area loads of people will be going to different schools than their friends anyway so plenty of people will be in a similar position to you. Your new school will make an effort as well to help you all bond and get to know each other. The best way to make friends is just to be yourself. Also make sure you are welcoming to any invites you get whether it be to sit with someone or go round their house. School is so much fun it’s just a case of relaxing into it- especially since it may seem hectic at first coming from homeschooling. If you have a problem talk to a teacher and they will help you.

Best of Luck

KB xx

Aug 2

Anonymous said: I was told to come to this site after I asked a question on yahoo answers, so here's my question: I was wondering whattampons are great for beginners and what pads you barely notice as well as liners that you barely notice because I want to be prepared for when I get my period and I was wondering if you could give me an idea of a few month range that I might get my period (7th grade 1 month past 12 yrs 32AA almost 32A 5'5 110 pounds discharge for 1 year and armpit and down there hair help!

It’s great to have a little ‘period pack’ ready for when you start, in it you may want tampons, sanitary towels, pantyliners and wipes. You may not want to start using tampons straight away as the idea of putting something up there is a bit daunting at first (maybe even a bit messy) so start with normal sanitary towels such as ‘always’- the ones with wings are good to stop you leaking. You can also get ‘pantyliners’ from any supermarket and they are thinner, smaller and more discreet. A lot of girls start there period 1 year after they start getting discharge but many others differ. You are a healthy weight which is good, it’s just really a waiting game and nothing to worry about, some girls get a bit competitive but you will start when you’re ready. Talk to your mum- ask her when she started and that may give you a better idea of when you may. 

I hope this has helped

KB xx

Aug 1

Anonymous said: How long is too long for distance relationship to survive?
My boyfriend and i been in a distance relationship for the past 4 years going to 5 now, last year we were blessed with a baby girl 8 months old. I have tried so hard to find a job next to him but it just not happening so as him. Im starting to think maybe we not meant for each other and losing hope. lately i have been exposed to the fact that his cheating and he always have been cheating on me. im thinking the distance between us is als

Distance relationship’s are up there as one of the most grueling things you can do to yourself! If you can’t get a job nearer him and he is obviously not happy either then I think you should probably go your separate ways. Although because you still love him this will be very hard you need to except that with him cheating this is probably doing you more harm than good. You can still maintain a good friendship which will be brilliant for you’re daughter, but find someone who can respect you more and try harder at a relationship with you. 

Best of luck

KB xxx

Anonymous said: Contreption implant hell :(? I had the implant fitted in march this year and have been bleeding since .. I have been to see doctor and they gave me crazette and they made me moody angry emotional wreck .... I went back demanding I wanted it out ... They palmed me off with another set of pills mercilon and since taken the for two days been really sick and both pills did not stop the bleeding ... Also been told shouldn't have implant and pill by a friend .. Advise help please

I have had the implant now for almost a year. When I got it my doctor said that 4/10 women came back to him asking for it out. It can be taken out, the doctor is probably just thinking that you would rather try and sort it out with pills than going through having it taken out. You’re friend is probably thinking that the doctor is giving you a contraceptive pill instead of other medicine so don’t worry. They can’t refuse you to have it out, go with a friend or your mum if possible for support and make an appointment to have it taken out, it’s not for everyone and i’m sure you will find another form of contraception that works better for you. 

I hope this has helped

KB xx

RE: In response to your reply 

Yeh I turned into a psycho at one point- crying, shouting, basically I was temporarily mental- crazy what hormones do to you, the doctor will sort it (see a different one than last time if possible). No idea why they would give you more contraception but they are the knowledgeable ones!


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